tux justin timberlake 324 Explicit pic on Mila Kunis' hacked phone is NOT Justin Timberlake


Reports indicate that “Friends with Benefits” hottie Mila Kunis is the latest in a string of celebrity cell phone hacks. The same reports indicate that Kunis’ phone features a few pics of co-star and rumored boy toy Justin Timberlake; the photos are said to include a shirtless Justin and Justin wearing pink panties on his head.

However, Timberlake is telling sources close to TMZ that a third pic in question, a picture of an exposed phallus with no face or torso, is definitely not him. Timberlake is claiming to have never sent photos of his private parts to Kunis or anybody else for that matter.

So if these photos are even real, the case of the mysterious you-know-what remains unsolved. 

Posted by:janderson