wap extreme guide to parenting season 1 a chicken pox debacle 'Extreme Guide to Parenting' Season 1 finale: There will be no chicken pox parties in Christian's house

“Extreme Guide to Parenting” decided to close things out this season with a tale as old as time: the tale of parents who are perhaps “too” attached to their child.

Christian (mother) and Nate (father) are “conscious attachment” parents who pretty much encompass the stereotypical parent who wants to be a part of everything in their child’s life. They sleep with their 16-month old, Ella. They teach Ella baby sign language to connect with her more. They prefer having Ella not wear diapers. They refuse to vaccinate Ella, despite horror stories from Christian’s aunt, who just so happens to work in the medical field. Check out their debate below. 

According to Nate, all of this co-dependency is going to make Ella “a free thinking, independent, successful adult.”

However, as the episode goes on, this becomes less about the shared ideals of two parents and becomes All About Christian. Christian runs an organic children’s boutique. Christian creates placenta pills. Christian takes Ella to yoga. Christian runs rallies for public breastfeeding. This is her story, and whether or not Ella is going to get vaccinated for chicken pox is her decision.

Well, according to Nate, “it’s a no-brainer” that Ella shouldn’t be vaccinated — something about carcinogens, he says. But this is Christian’s story, so it’s really just a moment of possible disagreement when Christian is momentarily reconsidering her anti-vaccines stance.

Christian ultimately chooses not to vaccinate Ella, and does so having come to the realization that there’s no reason for her child to have “chicken pox parties” that we all supposedly had as children.

“I’m feeling justified, because I know that we’re not crazy.”

Perhaps, she does have a point. It is called “Extreme Guide to Parenting,” not “Crazy Guide to Parenting,” after all.

Do you think Christian (and Nate) made the right choice in not getting Ella the chicken pox vaccine? Or would you call that “extreme”? 

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson