dr-jennifer-ashton-extreme-makeover-weight-loss-edition-revolution.jpgDr. Jennifer Ashton is winding down one television chapter as she’s revving up another.

The Englewood, N.J.-based gynecologist and author has been one of the hosts of “The Revolution,” which ends its ABC weekday run Friday, July 6. However, she’s getting a primetime slot on the network as a counselor for those trying to get in shape on “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition,” beginning its second season Sunday (June 3).

“I appear in all eight episodes,” the pleasant Ashton tells Zap2it, “as the doctor who sees the people after they’ve lost their weight. That’s sort of my summer project, which is nice. As my grandmother used to say, ‘When one door closes … ‘”

Ashton actually made the deal for “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” before “The Revolution” began what ultimately would be a brief run in January. “What was so incredible,” she says of taping her “Makeover” stint, “was that it brought me back to before I was in medical school. I did a year of research on morbid obesity surgery — or bariatric surgery — in Pittsburgh.

“At that time, I had worked with people who were 500 or 600 lbs. Certainly, the women on ‘The Revolution’ have not been that obese, but those on ‘Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition’ are. When I got to meet them and revisit the medical issues they had addressed in losing so much weight successfully, it was such a happy experience for me.”

Indeed, providing “before” and “after” comparisons was uplifting for Ashton: “I was able to show those people, ‘This is what you fixed. This is what you prevented. This was the problem that doesn’t exist anymore.’ I think whenever you’re able to share success like that with a patient, it doesn’t get any better. That’s like the end-zone dance of medicine.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin