fabric softener jesus Fabric softener Jesus? Man claims staining his laundry showed him the Lord

People find the image of Jesus Christ in the most unlikely of places — even in their laundry. A British man recently discovered a fabric softener Jesus after accidentally spilling the liquid on his T-shirt when he was trying to clean it.

“When the T-shirt’s the right way up it doesn’t really look like anything … but when you look at it the other way up it’s really Him,” Martin Andrews tells UK’s Metro.

Apparently Andrews’ coworkers find the whole situation hilarious, and he even admits it sort of looks like Jesus is posing like Fonzie in “Happy Days.” “I showed my mates at work the picture and one of them said, ‘I’ve heard you can find comfort in Jesus but you’ve found Jesus in Comfort,'” Andrews quips.

This is hardly the first time someone has found the Son of God’s face in a strange location. People have found his visage in everything from a dog’s behind to bird poop on a windshield to a grilled cheese, so laundry stained with fabric softener isn’t much of a stretch.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz