mckenzie westmore face off0syfy 325 'Face Off' makes McKenzie Westmore 'feel like Marilyn Munster'McKenzie Westmore would be quite content to stay in the world of sci-fi, and Syfy, for some time to come.

The alum of daytime’s “Passions” and scion of a legendary Hollywood makeup family, now in her third season of hosting the cable channel’s Tuesday horror-makeup competition “Face Off,” hasn’t left her acting career behind. Having recently filmed a suspense movie titled “Vile,” she says she’d be happy to remain in that realm for as long as it will have her.

“I would not mind going in that direction at all,” the lively, friendly Westmore confirms to Zap2it. “It’s a fun world. Horror and sci-fi are two of my favorite genres, and fantasy as well. With ‘Vile,” I got to play the bad guy. It’s a very small role, but the story revolves around it, and it was fun to get to be someone you don’t expect at all.

“It was nice playing sweetheart Sheridan Crane (on ‘Passions’) for nine years, but villains are much more fun. Once upon a time, people who did reality television couldn’t cross over to scripted, and vice versa … but everything is so gray now, there are no barriers anymore. I really feel confident and hopeful that something will come up at some point that I can jump into.”

The daughter of Michael Westmore, who won an Oscar for Eric Stoltz’s extensive makeup for “Mask,” Westmore has completed production on most of the current round of “Face Off.” She still has a big job ahead on Halloween night, though, hosting a live Syfy telecast of the season finale and announcing a winner chosen by viewers for the first time.

With more wild-looking “creatures” inevitably sharing the stage with her then, Westmore’s perception of her present job is sure to be reinforced. “I feel like Marilyn Munster in some ways,” she muses. “Here I am in this fantasy world, this long-haired, blue-eyed girl — and with no tattoos, believe it or not.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin