zuckerberg getty Facebook IPO on the horizon; Company could be worth $100 billionWho knew that having a bunch of online friends could be so valuable? The hotly anticipated Facebook IPO could be coming as soon early Spring 2012, valuing the company at $100 billion.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday (Nov. 28) that the world’s largest social media site is preparing for its first public stock offering. The effort could raise upwards of $10 billion for the Silicon Valley firm.

Not a bad growth curve for a company that was formed in 2004 in a Harvard dorm room. The site now has 800 million registered users with 500 million daily logging in to use the site.

If Facebook does achieve a market valuation of $100 billion, that will make the company worth more than Ford and GM combined.

Now that’s something to “Like.”

Posted by:David Eckstein