zuck facebook Facebook stock plummets: Score for the Winklevoss twinsMark Zuckerberg may be celebrating his wedding to longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan this week… but at the Facebook offices, there likely isn’t a whole ton of celebrating going on. After going public last week, Facebook stock had a pretty mediocre debut, and then it promptly plummeted.

The stock debuted at $38 per share. By Monday morning, it was only worth $33.97 a pop.

We’re guessing that after 7 years of legal battles, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are finally glad that they’re not responsible for Facebook. By the way, last month, the Winklevi decided to back up from the social network biz and start their own thing — they began Winklevoss Capital to fund start-ups.

The brothers told FOX News that their increased profile from “The Social Network” helped boost interest in their business. “We do have that experience,” Tyler Winklevoss said. “We were there
at the beginning of the Web 2.0, so I think we bring a little bit more
than dollars to the table, and so far we’ve found that that’s resonated
with the companies we’ve looked at.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie