edythe kirchmaier facebooks oldest user facebook Facebook's oldest user Edythe Kirchmaier is 105 years old

Edythe Kirchmaier has lived quite a life. Born at a time when the primary forms of communication were rotary telephones and telegraphs, she surely never could have expected a world connected via social media. She’s living in that world though, as the oldest person with a Facebook account.
The account was opened on her 105th birthday, Good Morning America reports, when a charity she worked with for 40 years set it up for her. “I’ve been contacted by such wonderful people,” Kirchmaier says, “I’m so humbled by all the interest in me.”
With over 20,000 friends already, she hopes to direct people to “Like” the charity she worked for, Direct Relief, a medical aid group. “I’m hoping to get 105,000 likes for the page,” she says of the profile that currently sits at just over 78,000 likes.
Unlike some who get too wrapped up in the site, Kirchmaier still prefers the real world. In fact, she still goes into the Direct Relief office weekly to hand-write thank you letters to those who donate.
In addition to being Facebook’s oldest user, Kirchmaier has a couple other titles to her name. She’s also the oldest licensed driver in the state of California, and the oldest living former student of the University of Chicago. Her next step may be to become Twitter’s oldest user, as she finds the site interesting, saying, “I just may give it a try.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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