freelusion usa fake off finale group shot 'Fake Off' finale is Freelusion USA's last chance to make dreams come true
Weeks of hard work are finally coming to an end for the teams that have made it to the “Fake Off” finale. PUSH Physical Theatre, The Body Poets, Lightwire Theater and Freelusion USA will all compete for the $100,000 grand prize — but for one Freelusion USA member, this competition may be the last chance to do something great.
“This competition could give us everything,” Freelusion USA team leader Timea Papp says in her pre-performance video. “I’m 40 years old. I don’t have a husband. I don’t have kids. I’m still chasing something and wanting to have that dream come true. I don’t think I have ever had anything more important than to win this competition.”
For the finale’s final challenge each of the teams are tasked with creating a “faking” routine inspired by a past decade — from Prohibition to disco fever. Freelusion USA is tasked with making the digital era of the 2000s come to life.
The group is known for their video 3D mapping technology, where they choreograph their dance moves to fit with video playing on screens and various projections around them. For their finale routine Freelusions taps into the download mindset of the early 2000s (remember Napster, everyone?) to create a high energy routine.
See how it all comes together in the preview clip below.
Find out if Freelusion USA is able to pull off the big win Monday, Dec. 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TruTV.
Posted by:Megan Vick