joe schmo the full bounty spiketv Fake reality show 'Joe Schmo' will return to Spike TV

With so much fake-seeming reality television these days, it’s hard to remember that there once was a truly fake reality show, “Joe Schmo.” Now Spike TV is bringing the total unreality of “Joe Schmo” back to television.

The new version, “Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty” will feature one real guy who thinks he’s in a competition to become a bounty hunter and win $100,000. All of the show’s other “reality” stars, however, are actors. Our real-guy hero — “The Joe” — will even compete with the semi-famous Lorenzo Lamas, who will be playing himself. As for the rest of the actors, they’re fake versions of our favorite/least favorite reality types. Look for everything from the airhead model to the self-absorbed jerk. Ralph Garman will return as the host.

All of the cast, including “Joe” of course, will have to take part in some rather odd challenges. Going along with the bounty hunter theme, “Joe” and his fake colleagues will practice interrogation strategies and try to disarm bombs. You would think such unusual (and potentially deadly) competitions would give away the trick. Apparently not.

The original “Joe Schmo” aired in 2003 and 2004. The two seasons of that program represented some of Spike TV’s highest ratings. The network is now betting that its audience is just as sadistic and mischievous as it used to be.

What will be the result of “Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty?” Officially, the producers are hoping for “Joe” to show “a keen sense of integrity and humanity.” But yelling and other crazy behavior from “Joe” will probably be acceptable too — so long as it’s entertaining.

Check out the “Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty” promo video for an advance look at all the spirit animals, giant “Lady Justice” statues and Lorenzo Lamas semi-nudity you could want.

Preview Joe Schmo’s Return in The Full Bounty
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The new “Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty” filmed in July and is set to air its 10-episode season on Spike TV early in 2013.

Posted by:Laurel Brown