moon bloodgood falling skies 320 'Falling Skies': Moon Bloodgood on the appeal of sci fi and playing 'cerebral'Moon Bloodgood has several science-fiction credits on her resum´┐Ż, notably “Terminator Salvation” and the TV series “Journeyman” and “Day Break.” But when the script for “Falling Skies” came to her, she was initially cool to the idea.

“At first I said no — or no thank you — just because I wasn’t sure I wanted to do science fiction. I wanted to do something different,” Bloodgood tells Zap2it. “Then I re-read it, and I was like, Gosh, this is Steven Spielberg. … And sometimes when you read a script the second time, you start to see things you didn’t see before.”

What she saw on that second read, and what led her to take the role in TNT’s new series, which premieres Sunday (June 19), was the fact that her role of Anne Glass was more “cerebral” than some parts she’s played in the past. The series, executive produced by Spielberg and written by Robert Rodat (“Saving Private Ryan”), follows a group of survivors six months after an alien invasion has wiped out much of Earth’s population. A military resistance has started to crop up, and Anne, a pediatrician, has become a de facto leader of the civilians in a band of survivors in Massachusetts.

“I thought, Wow, it’s a chance to play a doctor and be a more cerebral kind of person, as opposed to these action-sexy girls I play,” she says. “… And the story is very simple and beautiful, and I think it turned out — I haven’t seen it yet, but just from working on it I think it turned out really well. So it was a combination of Spielberg and [co-star] Noah [Wyle] and Bob Rodat. And I do love science fiction — I can’t seem to outrun it. It’s just part of my DNA at this point.”

She says she’s been watching sci-fi movies since she was young, and she’s “always been drawn to the darkness of it.”

“I would always pick a horror film or sci-fi any day of the week over a romantic comedy, or comedy in general,” Bloodgood says. “… I think there’s a darkness that’s quite beautiful in science fiction, and philosophical. It’s not just entertaining for me; I watch for different reasons. It’s also a fantasy. There’s something lyrical about it, something unknown and terrifying, but also exhilarating. So, yes, I love science fiction, and I think I work in it because I like it, and I guess it shows.”

Bloodgood’s character in “Falling Skies” isn’t called on to do any fighting — there’s a pretty clear line, in fact, between soldiers and civilians — and that at times gave her pause.

“It seems kind of strange, because some of the kids are sent off,” she says. “There’s an actor named Dylan [Authors], and I’m like, Dylan is 12 or 13, and he’s going to fight and I stay here? Am I a coward? … But I understood I had to be at the homefront because I’m a doctor. I’ve got to be able to see and take care of the [civilians], and if there are injuries they’ll bring them back.

“I do learn at some point to shoot a gun, but I’m not violent. So I didn’t have to go through gun training and all that stuff. I love doing that, but this time it was like, ‘You guys go do it. I’m cool,'” she adds, laughing. “I’ve got a stethoscope. I’m all brains.”

“Falling Skies” has a two-hour premiere at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on TNT. Subsequent episodes will air at 10 p.m. Sundays.

Posted by:Rick Porter