Noah-Wyle-Falling-Skies.jpgA kid named Eli is “sick” and goes to Anne for medical care, but it turns out it’s all a ruse! His mom and dad want to break off from the resistance and need some goods to trade, so they’re robbing the pharmacy. Anne, who has killed a Skitter with her bare hands, is not afraid of some balding douchebag and so tries to fend him off, but to no avail. It’s not long, however, before Weaver, Tom and Mike catch up to him. There’s a standoff, and then a third party enters, telling Eli’s dad to drop his weapon or die. It’s an effective tactic. Turns out this silver-haired fox who just saved the day is Terry Clayton of the 7th Mass. He knows Weaver, Tom and Mike, and delivers the unfortunate news that the 7th Mass is gone. Skitters hit them hard, and are coming toward the 2nd Mass next. Terry says that the Skitters took all their kids, and then the Mechs open fired on everyone else. About eight fighters and six civilians escaped, and they’re holed up on a relatively secluded farm nearby. The Skitters have swept the area twice, so Terry thinks that they’re safe for a while.

Terry reports that Porter thinks the aliens are stepping up their hunt for slave labor, e.g. kids, and so have been sweeping the area. The nearby 3rd Mass is in immediate danger, and Porter has ostensibly ordered them to join up with the 2nd Mass so that everyone can move to a safer location together. Terry says that the 2nd Mass should hold their position until their counterparts join them in about 72 hours. That’s a long time to wait out a Skitter attack, and so Terry says that Porter ordered all the kids under 20 to go ahead with him, to the farm. It’s safer! OR IS IT? Um, spoiler. Tom is not so into this idea, and even less into Weaver’s order for him to convince the civilians to go with it. Needless to say, everybody is kind of on edge when they hear the rumors about the attack and the plan to send their kids off to some farm with a fine-seeming, but potentially nefarious stranger!

Meanwhile, Maggie gives Anne a gun. After the attempted robbery, she figures a weapon might be useful. Anne is unsure at first, but eventually takes Maggie up on her offer of a shooting lesson. And there’s Ben, doing a whole bunch of push-ups and bonding with Matt. The spikes in his back aren’t going away, and he doesn’t seem to mind. He tells Matt that in some bizarro alien way the Skitters cared about the harnessed kids, and were like family. Sometimes he still misses that. Or he misses all the drugs that were continuously being pumped into his system. Hal overhears all this, and starts to get a little worried that Ben is like a different kid. He tells Anne that, in addition to some personality differences, Ben used to be a weakling but now can do 100 pushups without breaking a sweat. The Skitters were totally on the cutting edge of the childhood obesity epidemic.

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