Noah-Wyle-Falling-Skies.jpgEverything is seemingly hunky dory good times on the Farm of Doom, except for the fact that Jimmy is freaked out by Ben and his back nubs. While kids play soccer, the Second Mass fighter escorts are sent back to their home base, to help with the supposed oncoming Skitter attacks. A girl named Tessa has a crush on Hal, of course, and her dad tells her not to get too attached. Apparently EVERYONE on this farm is in on the dastardly **** that’s going down! It’s no wonder that they’re willing to sacrifice little kids to maintain their lifestyle, though — these bitches even have a vegetable garden.

Clayton gets super smug with Pope who, we learned, broke into the Farm of Doom’s shed after stabbing the guy who was guarding it. Pope is disgusted that Clayton and his team have made a deal with “those lizards,” and manages to free himself from his restraints and escape with the gun of the guy who was supposed to guard him. On his way out, he sees two of the Second Mass escorts dead under an apple tree, likely killed by Clayton.

Back at the Second Mass, it’s been two days and Tom notes that there has been no sign of Skitters or the Third Mass, and the escorts should be back already. He and Dai head off to check out the farm, despite Weaver’s misgivings. Meanwhile, it’s dinnertime at the Farm of Doom and Rick is a total downer, per usual. He freaks everyone out and then looks at Ben, saying, “How can you eat their food?” Ben is as freaked out by Rick’s Skitter solidarity as anyone. Mike, who has stayed at the farm with the kids, is totally embarrassed.

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