Noah-Wyle-Falling-Skies.jpgAll the folks in the Second Mass watch what is apparently the most hilarious old-school cartoon in the gym as Anne tells Tom about the Skitter harness situation and how Ben is probably screwed. Tom is not so psyched to hear it. Meanwhile, Weaver is being weird as ever and doesn’t want to talk about the Allston incident. He’s got a new associate — Lieutenant Danner — who is career military and loves following orders, and it’s clear that Weaver wants Danner to be his number two. Dai comes back from a scouting mission with a big wound and lots of blood missing. He talks to Weaver about what he found, and then Weaver announces that they’re going with Porter’s original plan. Tom is dubious, and so Weaver assigns him to sentry duty with Hal. But once Tom learns from Lourdes and Anne that Weaver has in fact been availing himself of the classic Judy Garland uppers and downers meal plan (the pills explained! Finally!), which can cause erratic behavior, Maggie replaces Tom on the sentry mission so he can TCB at home.

Tom confronts Weaver about the pills, and Weaver doesn’t take it so well. He has Danner strip Tom of his weapons and hold him in the boiler room, which is a classic speed freak move. Jimmy is witness to all of this and his highly disturbed that his surrogate dad has lost his mind. Meanwhile, Ben offers to help Scott, who is working on finding a radio frequency that will interfere with Skitter communication. Scott goes through the frequencies and a few hit Ben with some serious in-head feedback. Y’know, because he’s part Skitter. Meanwhile, Weaver tells Pope that he needs four bombs instead of one. Pope says that he can do it, though there will be a very short fuse for each. He seems to know that Weaver is a little off in this request, but as a fellow speed freak he seems to appreciate it.

Per usual, Rick wants the Skitters to find him and Ben and take them back under their scaly legs. Ben wants to be a human, but Rick says that he knows they both can feel a change coming. Meanwhile, Hal and Maggie return and have seen fresh signs of Skitters and Mechs. This doesn’t deter Weaver, who says that they’re punching through anyway. Jimmy gets disturbed enough to tell Hal that Tom is under guard in the boiler room, and they in turn tell Anne. Everyone works out a plan to get Tom out, which also entails tying up Danner. Once Tom is free, Dai wakes up and tells him what he earlier told Weaver: Porter was attacked by aliens and is probably dead, and the other regiments never reported in. Porter’s last order was that, if there was no confirmation from the Fourth and Fifth Mass, the attack should be aborted. Tom of course freaks out about this, and goes to confer with Pope. Pope tells him how Weaver wanted the bomb split four ways, and Tom points a gun at Pope’s head and orders him to dismantle them.

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