Noah-Wyle-Falling-Skies.jpgThe Prisoner of War Skitter has woken up in a new cage, and is feeling a bit surly. There is a plan is to try to figure out how to communicate with it, and indeed the Skitter communicates plenty as it freaks the heck out upon seeing Tom. They really should have killed that thing. Tom is ready to go get Ben, but Weaver has gotten a tip from Pope about a motorcycle shop near Somerville, and wants Tom to raid it. He then wants Tom to find some heavy drugs (necessary for harness removal), since they’re almost out, and then he can get Ben. Pope makes a bid for joining the team, since he knows the mean streets of Somerville, and Tom agrees as long as Pope shuts up and isn’t armed.

Meanwhile, Rick previously had cystic fibrosis and could barely breathe, but now his lungs are totally clear. Anne and Mike wonder if the Skitter harness could have cured him. Maggie returns from a recon mission and reports that the group of harnessed kids do indeed spend their nights in a hospital off of route 2. There have been no signs of Karen. Weaver has had his fighters keeping an eye on Maggie, which doesn’t go unnoticed by her. He remains highly suspicious, because a) she shot the dudes she was with before; b) she took an awfully long time to do it.

Tom and Pope have a disagreement about postapocalyptic child rearing when Matt asks to come on their mission, and then en route to the motorcycle shop Pope is racist all over the place. Anthony, who is a former Boston PD officer, does not care for being the target of multiple gang banger remarks. Back at Camp Second Mass, Lourdes says prayers for the missing while touching their photos, explaining to Jimmy that it’s just something she likes to do. Let me repeat. Prayers for the missing: just something I like to do! Jimmy quizzes Lourdes about her Boston cred, since she’s originally from Mexico City and lived there until she was ten. We also learn that she was a freshman premed student at Wellesley before the attacks, and probably was just as annoying as she is now.

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