Noah-Wyle-Falling-Skies.jpgJust as Weaver is being more of a weirdo than usual and Ben is jumping rope for nearly three hours straight, Porter visits with the news that Skitters in Boston and all over the country have been converging on their big, looming structures. In four days, there’s going to be a coordinated attack to try to bring those structures down. They’re taking the war to the Skitters! Good luck with that, humans.

Meanwhile, Pope apparently has some expertise in blowing **** up and so is assigned to work in the explosives lab with a reluctant Uncle Scott, who hasn’t been doing such a bang-up job with the bomb building. Scott has been dissecting a Mech to try to figure out what makes it so effective, and accidentally shoots a Mech laser hole in the wall. At this point, Pope quite sensibly offers to take over. Meanwhile, Rick gives Weaver a drawing of row houses and Weaver freaks out. Later he takes his mysterious pills on a couch, and his hat is off. It’s like seeing Bret Michaels without a bandana — so weird! Weaver actually might be slightly ginger on top.

Tom starts talking to the others about how weird Weaver has been acting, and Weaver catches him. Tom notes that Weaver hasn’t been consistently making the best decisions and, to wit, Weaver says that he’s going to replace Dai on their scouting mission to the big Skitter structure. He apparently had a construction business, and says that knowing where to hit the structure is as important as how. Meanwhile, Ben goes to see Anne for a checkup and asks if his nubs are going away yet. Anne pokes at the hardening skin around the nubs, and Ben doesn’t feel a thing. She looks concerned about this, but she doesn’t yet say why or even tell Ben about it. Instead, she goads Ben into talking with Rick, who is still acting quite strange.

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