Noah-Wyle-Falling-Skies.jpgWe enter with Maggie and Hal returning to Camp Second Mass with a whole lot of drugs, thanks to Maggie’s knowledge of where the local dealer lived. Everyone else is way too pure and square to even know what drugs look like, except for Dr. Anne who has seen them on TV. Tom is gearing up to go rescue Ben, and Anne reminds him that they’re still not sure that everything has worked perfectly with Rick’s de-harnessization. I mean, no ****, given that he put that thing on again himself last week and basically named the alien as his favored stepdad.

The Skitters are still using an abandoned hospital as a home base, and we learn that one group of the harnessed kids didn’t make it back there, though Ben’s group did. Time is of the essence, so Tom has devised a rescue mission plan. Weaver isn’t keen on it, and points out that their success depends on keeping the Skitters asleep as long as possible. Hal suggests breaking in very quietly and killing the sleeping Skitter, and Weaver likes his thinking. Meanwhile, there’s a pregnant lady who isn’t so keen about Hermie the Skitter P.O.W. remaining alive in their facility. She’s got a point, there. Uncle Scott has found a record player and listens to Jimmy Cliff, which makes Weaver very sad. I think it’s because his kids are dead. He takes the record away, and tells Scott that he can play anything else, but “Many Rivers to Cross” is off limits. Weaver gets much less squinty when he’s sad, probably because he doesn’t want to squeeze the tears down his cheeks.

Hal and Maggie have crossbow practice and she kind of gets on his jock as she’s training him. In spite or because of that, he is unable to shoot straight. Maggie tells him that she knows the Skitter hospital well, because she used to visit her aunt there a lot. She is seriously the Second Mass MVP. Meanwhile, Dr. Anne continues to treat Hermie the P.O.W. Skitter humanely, as Dr. Wings is a ****wad per usual. With Anne out of the room, Hermie starts to make some different noises, and is also blinking a lot. Dr. Wings opens the giant cage door and shines a flashlight right into the Skitter’s face. And then it happens! We cut to a scene with Uncle Scott encouraging Anne to deal with her feelings about her dead kid, and then they hear a ruckus, and then we cut back to Hermie choking the **** out of Dr. Wings! He is DEAD! And really, he kind of had that one coming, along with anyone who thought that giant door was a good idea. Weaver wants to kill the Skitter, knowing that civilians will panic and also it wasn’t a terrific idea to have it there in the first place. Anne argues for keeping Hermie alive, since she was making progress in communicating with him. Weaver gives her 24 hours, after which he is going to kill Hermie himself.

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