Noah-Wyle-Falling-Skies.jpgWe open with Uncle Scott tooling around with his radio and telling Tom that the Skitters must have changed their communication frequency again. He says that if they find the right signal, they should be able to stop the Skitters and Mechs right in their tracks. And spoiler: This is exactly what happens! And here we’ve thought all season long that Uncle Scott was just an annoying, folksy old fart in a fishing vest who enjoyed twiddling around with vintage electronics. But nay! He is an alien-fighting genius. Much like how all the action of the penultimate episode could have taken place in exactly eight minutes, this episode could end right here and be just as satisfying.

Anne comes walking in, probably because she needs to talk to Tom as always. Oh, actually he needs to talk to her this time. Tom tells Anne how Ben can hear the radio signals and she’s basically like, “Weird. I got nothin’.” Anne wonders if Tom thinks that Scott’s idea could work, and he just says that Scott is hopeful and Hail Mary passes seem to be the order of the day. Another spoiler: He is not kidding. Tom whines that setting gun positions and barricades and coming up with an evacuation plan is a long way from the lecture hall. But Tom’s primary skill is turning any place in which he stands into a lecture hall! Way to adapt, buddy. Anne knows that Tom is worried about Hal, but says that he’s a smart kid and will back off if Weaver’s mission isn’t right. The thing is, we already know that Weaver’s mission isn’t right! And Hal volunteered for it! Though Hal LOOKS like he’s 35, we must remember that he’s really only 16. Tom agrees with me, and says he knows that Hal will follow it through if he can, because Tom himself would do the same thing. He notes that it should be about eight hours until Weaver and the fighters go in and says he just wants to get through the day. That’s exactly what I say at, like, 10:15 a.m. during a normal work day. There’s usually not a good possibility that everyone I know will be dead by 6:00, though.

Scott starts squawking because the generator is out of gas, which I guess means the radio won’t work. Tom thinks there’s a spare can in the storeroom, and asks Ben to give him a hand with it. Anne heads back to the clinic, which means Scott is alone in the principal’s office. He stands there being a doddering old guy per usual as a shadow passes over his face. You can tell he’s getting a creepy feeling, and so turns around to see Rick scrambling backwards up the wall! From a corner of the ceiling, Rick says, “I won’t let you hurt them,” and launches himself right at Scott! Yeah! Best moment of the episode by far, and it happened less than two minutes in.

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