Noah-Wyle-Falling-Skies.jpgIn the second part of the Falling Skies finale, everyone makes the mistake of leaving Scott alone with the radio transmitter and Rick attacks him! From the ceiling! Scott isn’t dead, though, and soon everyone knows that Rick was the alien-loving culprit. Rick should really learn to finish a job. Ben goes to find Rick, and Rick says he knows Ben can hear the aliens calling. Ben wants the Skitters out of his head, but Rick really wants the harness back. He thinks that Ben wants it back too, and proposes that they go off together and find their spidery step-parents. Ben is not into this plan, and he chases Rick as he tries to run off. No one can stop Rick, but Ben almost gets shot by a crazy guy while trying.

Rick makes it into the woods and finds our old friend Megan, who’s starting to turn scaly like a Skitter. Rick wants to go back with them, and Megan says that first he has to tell them everything about the Second Mass. Rick, of course, is such a fool that he does, and Tom finds him yelling for Megan to come back. Turns out that she left him, because the Skitters don’t really want him, either. Rick occupies two worlds, and belongs in neither. Wah wah. Rick gains some sympathy from Tom when he says how much he misses his dad. That sympathy is soon lost, however, when Tom learns that Rick gave the Second Mass up for real. Inexplicably, he doesn’t avail himself of this perfect opportunity to shoot Rick execution-style.

Meanwhile, the Second Mass fighters are on the road, but the Fourth and Fifth Mass don’t show up at their meeting point. This probably means that they’re already dead. Weaver tells everyone to make their own decision about going forward, and Hal is one of the first in. Weaver breaks them into four squads, and tells them that at 2100 hours they are to light their bomb fuses and get out, and then everyone goes back to the school on foot. I can’t tell you why they’d have to go on foot. Also, judging by my calculations, that’s like a 26 mile walk. And Weaver claims that he’s no longer a speed freak!

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