falling skies noah wyle 'Falling Skies' scoop: Noah Wyle on Tom's half alien daughter, 'radically' changed Anne, and Season 4's big bad

It’s a good thing TNT renewed the alien invasion war drama “Falling Skies” for Season 4, since Season 3’s finale left off on a cliffhanger: Tom (Noah Wyle) was finally reunited with Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and their daughter Alexis … but instead of being a baby, the half-alien, half-human girl had grown seven years in just a few short weeks.

Oh, and how could we forget? There’s also a war going on between the surviving humans, Volm alien allies, and invading Espheni alien enemies. Just a small detail, really.

Zap2it caught up with Wyle at the premiere of his racing movie, “Snake and Mongoo$e,” to chat about how he feels about the upcoming season. “It’s bittersweet,” Wyle says. “It’s a tough show to do, because it’s a little bit like gearing up for battle. We leave next week, so I’m excited to go back and see everybody. I’m very excited about our new showrunner David Eick and the first couple of scripts I’ve taken a look at, so I think it’s going to be a good season.”

Wyle was also eager to reveal that “Falling Skies” was going to step back a bit from the sci-fi aspects that complicated Season 3 for a more character-driven Season 4. “Thematically, the way it’s been explained to me is that we went a little out there in the sci-fi wing last season, and we’re going to pull it back a bit and focus more on these characters and interpersonal conflict,” Wyle says. “There’s a couple big story lines that are going to run over the course of the season but I can’t divulge them yet. Sorry to be vague, but it’s really ignorance. I’m just going to play it off like I can’t tell you.”

While he couldn’t reveal specific story lines, he was able to tease what the new big bad of the season will be, since Jessy Schram‘s alien overlord Karen was killed in the Season 3 finale. “The big baddie of the season, he doesn’t look as menacing as Jessy Schram did. She was terrifying, didn’t you think?” Wyle says. “Nothing says intergalactic threat more than a five foot blonde from California. We’re going to miss her, she was a great gal to have in the ensemble. A really fun person to hang out with. But now our bad guys can look like bad guys again.”

So where will Season 4 pick up? “The first episode is going to start about two weeks after the last one ended, so we’re picking up with these characters pretty freshly,” Wyle reveals. “Tom is still getting to know this new daughter of his, who he thought was six months old and looks very much like a seven year old. And her growth rate will continue to be pretty accentuated. It should make for some interesting story lines.”

And now that Anne and Tom are reunited, Wyle warns fans not to expect things to go back to the way they were. “There’s a big thing that happens in the first episode that they have to get past,” Wyle says. “Tom is on this linear track being Tom and Anne gets radically redefined as a character.” That doesn’t sound good for Anne and Tom, especially since they need to figure out how to raise a half-alien daughter in the midst of an intergalactic war.

“Falling Skies” will return in summer of 2014 on TNT.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum