falling skies season 2 art tnt 'Falling Skies' Season 2 will be 'darker, edgier, dirtier,' says castWhen we dive back into the post-alien invasion world of “Falling Skies” for Season 2, three months have passed since reluctant leader Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) boarded an alien ship. Zap2it visited the Vancouver set of the TNT drama and spoke to the cast about their characters’ journeys during the very different, much darker second season.

“This season has been much more about [Tom] embracing [his new life],” Wyle says. His character struggles to “reluctantly
accept the responsibilities of leadership, and to feel as though he has
earned the right to do so and has the capabilities to be good at it.”

Peter Shinkoda, who plays Dai, says that Tom’s return brings a major change for the group. “He’s got a world of new knowledge and potential twists for the second
season. That fits him completely and it turns the show on its side — the
return of Noah Wyle and the information that he has accessed through the
aliens. I think that’s the bigger thing.”

While Tom was gone, life got very different for the 2nd Mass. Drew Roy, who plays Tom’s eldest son, Hal, says that the gang might not have been as successful in their battle against the aliens as it appeared in the Season 1 finale.

falling skies season 2 episode 2 tnt 'Falling Skies' Season 2 will be 'darker, edgier, dirtier,' says cast“The way the season ended
last year, we brought the attack to them and really made it look like we
really put a nice hard blow into them. But after that they retaliate
and we’ve kind of been on the wrong the whole time, trying to get our
footing. We really lost a lot of people and we set ourselves back in
just every way possible. So when we pick up, things are a little darker,
a little more bleak and what we are trying to decide is what our next
steps are going to be,” he says.

The entire tone of the series has changed now that “Caprica” co-creator Remi Aubuchon is on board as new showrunner. “I think the show is darker, it’s edgier, it’s dirtier.
I think you will definitely see a different tone this year than last
season,” says Colin Cunningham, who plays Pope. “The first season we set everything up. This season it just goes
right into it. But the world is darker, there’s a dirtiness, an
edginess. It’s a little darker. A little more intense.”

Darker seems to be the magic word, but Moon Bloodgood, who plays Anne Glass, says the show’s tone has changed in other ways. “I definitely think the science fiction element of it has been kicked up
a notch. It has just entirely taken off and it’s so much more dynamic
than I think it was last year,” she says. “We were still trying to find our footing.
It was a lot about the Mason family and now it’s more about the Mason
family and their relationship to these aliens, and then there are other
aliens, and there are so many aspects of that. I think it’s a lot
more adventurous, and there are so many more mysteries to solve.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley