danny smith family guy paley 320 'Family Guy' producer Danny Smith sends his love to the fans for 150 episodesConsidering the fact that “Family Guy” has been canceled — and brought back to life — more than once, reaching 150 episodes is a pretty huge deal.

When Korbi TV caught up with “Family Guy” writer/producer and voice actor Danny Smith, he was feeling a lot of love for the people who helped make it all happen: The fans.

“I’ll tell you, I don’t know if any show has had fans that have directly affected a show more than ‘Family Guy,’ because they literally resurrected us from the dead,” Smith says in the video below. “And [this is] a show that was canceled for almost three years [before it] came back and was on the air again. And that was only because of the outpouring of support and love from people who really got us the first time around. And no matter what happens, we will always love those people.”

Since the series has been known to push buttons, we wanted to know if there’s been anything Smith looks back on with regret?

“Honestly, there are always two or three moments in every episode that I wish we hadn’t done, but that’s why the show is good: We offend equally across the board,” he told us. “There are always two or three moments that somebody gets rubbed the wrong way…I don’t ever worry that we should have done it differently because we’re very thankful that we continue to do [the show], so whatever we didn’t do last week, we’ll try and get it done this week.”

Though there was one time that what they did was deemed too scandalous for TV. Want more details on the episode that’s been banned from television? Check out the video…

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