family guy its a trap 2 320 'Family Guy': See two clips from 'It's a Trap!'The conclusion of “Family Guy’s” “Star Wars” parody-trilogy (parogy?) hits stores Tuesday (Dec. 21), but you can see a good 20 percent of it right here and now.

The two clips (first seen at MTV’s Movies Blog) below from “It’s a Trap!” — the show’s take on “Return of the Jedi” — show the first four minutes of the movie, plus a collection of other scenes from Tatooine, Endor and the semi-completed new Death Star. You’ll see Peter/Han Solo unfreeze from his carbonite prison, Chris/Luke Skywalker face Joe/Jabba the Hutt and, because it’s “Family Guy,” a little bit of Ted Knight.

“It’s a Trap!” is available on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday (as does a box set of all three “Star Wars” parodies). It will presumably air on FOX sometime in the future, but a date hasn’t been set yet. Here are the previews:

Posted by:Rick Porter