For those not keeping score, CNN talker Piers Morgan and “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart have a beef. Among a myriad of zingers, Morgan has accused Stewart of jumping the shark and playing politician while Stewart has attacked both Morgan and his low-rated network. 

But in war, there is collateral damage — and this in case, “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane finds himself in the middle.

On Tuesday’s (Oct. 4) episode of “Piers Morgan Tonight,” Morgan dredges up an apparently well-buried conversation between MacFarlane and Stewart during the WGA writer’s strike of 2007-2008. During the strike, “The Daily Show” broadcast some largely improvised episodes under the moniker “A Daily Show.” The compromise was an effort to continue broadcasting while showing solidarity with the writers. “Family Guy” joked about the shows, as MacFarlane was famously pro-union. Stewart, apparently, did not appreciate the joke and gave MacFarlane a ring.

“It was an angry call,” recalls MacFarlane, who obviously is caught between his support for his writers and his respect for Jon Stewart. Morgan prods MacFarlane to blast Stewart on-air, but the media-savvy MacFarlane avoids controversy and handles the situation with aplomb.

We must admit, however, that we are rather curious as to what an angry phone call from Jon Stewart sounds like. Though we wish two of our favorite liberal Hollywood folk wouldn’t fight…

Posted by:janderson