family smokes on plane gets diverted to bermuda gi Family smokes on plane from Canada causing diversion to Bermuda

As if traveling by airplane isn’t bad enough, one family flying out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada, took things to a whole new level of absurd. The Associated Press reports the family, a father, mother, and son, refused to extinguish their cigarettes while in the air Friday. Yes, these three actually lit their cigarettes for a smoke, mid-flight, and when told to put them out , rather than complying, they became verbally abusive to the crew.
The flight, bound for the Dominican Republic, was diverted to Bermuda, where the three were arrested upon landing. Definitely a better plan than duct taping the three to their chairs. According to the Bermuda Police Service, they were later released on bail.
The 180 passengers and crew on the plane stayed in Bermuda overnight, before resuming their journey Saturday afternoon. So, regardless of how terrible the person sitting next to you on a plane can be, remember it could always be worse.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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