famous in 12 ratings 'Famous in 12' canceled by The CW after five weeks and no fame“Famous in 12” is gone in five. The CW has pulled its summer reality show from the schedule after five weeks on the air.

The show’s premise was that a family, the Artiagas of Beaumont, Calif., could become well-known over the course of 12 weeks simply by putting itself in front of many cameras and celebs as it could, despite not having any connection to show business or marketable skills. TMZ founder Harvey Levin (who executive produced the show) was guiding them through the process, and the show was shooting on the fly each week.

One rather large problem, though: Hardly anyone watched the show. “Famous in 12” premiered to just 728,000 viewers and went downhill from there; the five episodes that aired averaged 641,000 viewers and a 0.2 rating among adults 18-49, which even for the summer on The CW are weak numbers.

Repeats of other CW shows will fill the 8 p.m. Tuesday slot starting Tuesday (July 8).

Posted by:Rick Porter