fantasia gma 320 Fantasia Barrino on 'Good Morning America': 'I was just overloaded'Fantasia Barrino says her suicide attempt earlier this month was an effort to escape what she felt were the mounting pressures of her life.

“I think I was just overloaded with everything, with carrying six years of so much,” Barrino said Tuesday (Aug. 24) on “Good Morning America.” “I always take a licking and keep on ticking. … It just became heavy for me to the point that I just wanted to be away from the noise.”

Barrino, who won the third season of “American Idol” in 2004, has had her share of ups and downs both before the show brought her fame and in its aftermath. Her suicide attempt — she overdosed on aspirin and sleeping pills — came after she was named as the lover of a married man, Antwaun Cook, in divorce papers filed by Cook’s wife. The divorce action also alleged Barrino and Cook had made a sex tape.

She says those allegations were part of what led her to overdose, but they weren’t the only factor.

“I think everybody feels like I tried to harm myself over a man, but you know I’ve been in a lot of bad relationships,” Barrino tells “GMA’s” Robin Roberts. “I think that had somewhat to do with it because it was so heavy, it was brand new information, I was already going through so much. But I think it was just six years of everything, of me holding all that stuff on the inside and not letting it out. I got very, very tired.”

Barrino also has a new album, “Back to Me,” in stores Tuesday. She performed “Bittersweet” on “GMA”; you can watch it below.

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