far east movement Far East Movement debuts 'If I Was You (OMG)' video featuring Snoop Dogg; Talks 'G6' confusionMost people will recognize Far East Movement from their insanely catchy summer smash hit “Like a G6,” but the electro hop quartet is back and teaming up with Snoop Dogg for their latest single, “If I was You (OMG).”

Zap2it caught up with Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif and DJ Virman for a little Q&A, where they talked about their first big hit (“Right Round” which was picked up and featured in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”), those Pontiac misinterpretations (No, G6 is actually not in reference to the car) and dream collaborations.

Zap2it: You had your single “Round Round” picked up for a film extremely early in your career, how did that affect your pursuit of the music business?
Kev Nish: “Round Round” inspired us early that opportunities can spring up anywhere and it was our first early attempt at taking a free wired approach to music. We went in the studio and fused a guitar riff inspired by LA artist Beck mixed with the energy of an Outkast inspired drum then threw high energy party rhymes all over it with a feel good R&B style hook, the approach was no boundaries and limits to any genre and to see it do well inspired us early to keep on making music with that approach.

Zap2it: What does it actually mean to feel “Fly like a G6?”
Prohgress: To us, feelin fly like a G6 is goin out and livin a night like its your last free night, not letting anyone define how much fun you have or what u have to do. The G6 is a reference to a private jet we have yet to hitch a ride on hahah.

Zap2it: Also going off that song, it’s been a pretty common misunderstanding that it’s about Pontiac when that’s really not the case. Did you realize that was going to happen before the song was released?
J-Splif: We considered it but it didn’t seem like a big deal, to us we were just excited to drop a track for the party heads flippin’ a phrase people never heard before.

Zap2it: Has Pontiac reached out to you at all to try and use the song for marketing purposes?
DJ Virman: Not yet. We’re always down, though.

Zap2it: Who has been your favorite person to collaborate with so far?
Kev Nish: Hard to single out ’cause we were blessed to work with so many incredible artists in different genres that really bring the Free Wired album together conceptually, but the most interesting definitely had to be the collab with Snoop Dogg on our new single “If I Was You (OMG)” that we just dropped the music video for. We wanted to blend the underground LA electro scene with the classic west coast we grew up on in that song and Snoop really blessed the song by doin some outside the box stuff in the studio, its what makes the song so unique to anything we’ve ever done.

Zap2it: Who would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?
Prohgress: Definitely the Beastie Boys, they been a huge influence on us from the beginning where we even sampled them on our song “So What” on the Free Wired album, honored they cleared it, but to have them on a song or in a video would be the truth. There’s also a band on our label Cherrytree Records named Tokio Hotel that we been seeing kill it internationally, it would be crazy to do something outside the box with them or our other labelmate Robyn who we went on tour with.

You can watch their “collab” with Snoop Dogg in the video below. We’ll warn you now, the track will give you the instant urge to hit the club and dance all night.

That said, it is a club song. Depending on what sort of office you work in, headphones might be necessary (but totally worth it). 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci