executive producer Noah Hawley has said that he’s not sure anyone will
be redeemable by the end of the series, so with that in mind, in lieu of
a blow-by-blow recap each week, we’d like to bring you instead a look
at who’s in need of redemption, who’s trying to get it and who just
doesn’t seem to care.

The “Fargo” morality index, week eight:

1. The show’s creators (last week NA):
We have to give it up to the show’s creators and writers — we love the time jump. It’s realistic that the case would grow cold and, despite still poking into it on her own, Molly would be forced to move on. It’s a great choice for the series and doesn’t at all feel like a cop-out, especially since in the four minutes leading up to the time jump, we were terrified the show was going to have Lorne Malvo shoot Gus Grimly dead in his cop car. That was masterful and tension-filled. Thank goodness it went another way. Read what EP Noah Hawley had to say about the time jump here.

2. Gus Grimly (last week No. 2): It takes a big man to admit he’s not cut out to be a cop and then go pursue his dream of being a postal worker. He also finally took the hint from Molly and now has a happy little family. Good for you, Gus!

3. Molly Solverson (last week No. 1): Clearly Molly is still doing what she can, but we’re slightly disappointed she isn’t closing in on Lester and/or Malvo. But we have faith that she’ll end up top of the list by season’s end.

4.  Bill Oswalt (last week No. 3): Sure, he’s a doofus with his head up his butt, but (as that long monologue about finding his foster kid reminds us) Bill is a good guy at heart. Seeing Lester as a possible murderer was just too much for Bill to invite into his world view. He’s just a big-hearted, good-intentioned idiot.

5.  Agents Pepper and Budge (last week No. 4): Do you suppose these two have literally been in the file room for a whole year? Tee hee. We have faith they’ll connect with Molly and get this thing solved. We’d love to leap-frog you guys over Oswalt on our list, but frankly, you fellas haven’t earned it yet.

6. Lorne Malvo (last week No. 5): Lorne is more or less off the radar in this episode. Doesn’t mean he’s rising up the ranks to be with the good guys, but he’s still keeping himself higher than Lester. In fact, it was downright sweet of him to offer Mr. Wrench a job.

7. Lester Nygaard (last week. No. 6): Lester has morphed from sad-sack to sociopath and it just keeps getting worse. Not only did we sort of get the feeling he might try to sleep with Chazz’s wife after framing Chazz for Pearl’s murder, but in the time jump, Lester got himself some confidence and a hot new wife. We wouldn’t begrudge him any of that — if he hadn’t beaten his first wife’s brains in with a hammer, gotten the Chief killed, lied about everything, framed his brother and gotten his nephew sent to juvie.

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