fargo martin freeman fx 'Fargo' series trailer: Check out Martin Freeman's Minnesota accent

That Martin Freeman is gonna be really good in that “Fargo” TV series, yah?

Oh, jeez. After a good long time waitin’ around, we finally get a good look at that Fargo by way of the very first trailer, wouldn’t ya know it. FX gone and released it on their YouTube account, so you might as well give it a looksie. We certainly aren’t tryin’ to force you or nothin’, but while you’re here you might as well.


If the above text didn’t give you enough indication, the trailer is full of Minnesota accents, and it’s fun to hear them come out of the mouths of some of our favorite stars like Martin Freeman and Bob Odenkirk.

Above all, the trailer finally clears up some of the biggest questions about the show. 

“Fargo” is an adaptation of sorts of the classic film of the same name by Joel and Ethan Coen, but it’s been described as being quite different. Many of the characters have changed completely and the show has been revealed to follow a different plot.

As the trailer shows, this iteration of “Fargo” will at least capture the Minnesotan essence of the film. 

Many of the actors can clearly be seen as having thick accents, and as someone who has spent the majority of his life in that region, this writer can confirm that they are very accurate accents (if not a bit over-the-top).

The “Fargo” cast includes Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton (who we have seen in stills released from the show), as well as Odenkirk, Colin Hanks, Glenn Howerton, Kate Walsh, and Oliver Platt. 

Though the cast is impressive, the people behind the camera are perhaps even more impressive. Joel and Ethan Coen will be returning to executive produce. Noah Hawley will write the series as well as executive produce. The pilot will be directed by Emmy-winning director Adam Bernstein (30 Rock, Breaking Bad), who will also executive produce. Other executive producers are Warren Littlefield and Geyer Kosinski.

FX announced back in January that the show would premiere on Tuesday, April 15 at 10 p.m.

Are you looking forward to “Fargo”?
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