teen mom twitter feud Farrah Abraham blasts 'Teen Mom' castmate Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary Shirley in Twitter feudGary Shirley has never been a charmer, but the big boy’s jealousy-charged verbal abuse of troubled baby mama Amber Portwood during the “Teen Mom” finale was particularly vile. (To recap: He called her a “whore” and more inventively a “slut puppy” and threatened to never let her see her daughter again.)

While watching MTV’s airing of the episode, Farrah Abraham was quick to defend her castmate of four seasons.

“What a pig!” she tweeted to Gary. “Your horrible go get mental help for ambers sake P.O.S.”

Gary, who eventually apologized to Amber — now serving a five-year prison sentence after several suicide attempts — for that “heartbreaking” phone call, offered a confusing retort:

Even Amber’s brother, Shawn Portwood, joined the fray after Farrah chastised Teen Dad Tyler Baltierra for yelling at his dog. “And you are any better?” he scolded. “You have been a b**** to your mom the entire show.Everything that comes out of your mouth is negative.”

But Farrah insists Gary is the one with the bad attitude.

“To be honest Gary is so negative and I don’t see how he is better to raise Leah then amber,” she wrote. (In the finale, Amber relinquished full custody of her daughter to Gary.)

“Get the point Gary!” Farrah concluded. “Learn to focus on Leah.”

“Teen Mom” isn’t over yet…you can catch up with Farrah, Gary (subbing for Amber), Maci and Catelynn in the reunion special! Part one airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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