farrah abraham guilty dui gi Farrah Abraham pleads guilty in DUI case and lands strict probation

Farrah Abraham might not be heading to jail, but she is still facing a strict punishment for her DUI. The former “Teen Mom” was leveled a probation among other sentencings after pleading guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Like it was previously reported, Abraham made a plea deal with prosecutors that allowed her to be sentenced to probation instead of to prison. She also negotiated that her disorderly conduct and refusing the field sobriety test charges would be dropped.

TMZ reports that both of those promises came true, and Abraham is now facing six months of probation with a strict “no alcohol” clause. In addition, Abraham is ordered to install an ignition interlock device, which forces a driver to submit a breath test before their car will start, in her car car. She also will pay a $500 fine.

In addition to her time on “Teen Mom,” Abraham recently shot to fame for selling her sex tape, “Backdoor Teen Mom,” to Vivid Entertainment for a reported 7-figures.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz