farrah abraham teen mom book Farrah Abraham's dad Michael arrested for threatening baby daddy Derek with a knife    and more surprises from 'Teen Mom' star's new book“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham‘s long-awaited memoir, “My Teenage Dream Ended” was finally released today!

We read this amazing page-turner in one sitting (don’t judge). If you’re a “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” fan, you’re familiar (agonizingly so?) with most of her story, but Sophia‘s now 21-year-old mother did share some juicy tidbits we never saw on her MTV reality show.

Here are five things we learned from “Teenage Dream”:

1. Farrah’s dad was arrested long before her mom — for threatening her baby daddy with a knife! We’ve all seen the mugshot of Debra Danielson when she was arrested in January 2010 for grabbing Farrah by the throat and hitting her during a heated argument. Danielson didn’t do herself any favors by holding two knives when she opened the door to police. Maybe she got the ideal from her husband, Michael Abraham, who “snapped” when he caught Derek Underwood in Farrah’s bedroom. (Derek was killed in a car accident months later.) “He had this crazy-eyed look,” Farrah writes about her dad, “and he was holding a knife in his hand.” Both men called the police, but Michael was the one hauled away in handcuffs. What is it about this family and their sharp objects?

Debra, who slept through the entire fracas, refused to bail her husband out. So Farrah told Derek he should pay his bail: “I felt that this was really all his fault for trying to have sex with me in my house again,” she writes. When he refused, she made him drive her to the drugstore and pay for $50 worth of cosmetics. “You didn’t pay for my dad’s bail so you’re going to buy me something instead,” she said she told him. Amazingly, he agreed.

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2. Farrah ditched the MTV cameras to attend Derek’s funeral visitation. We always wondered why the death of Farrah’s baby daddy, two months before daughter Sophia’s birth, wasn’t revealed — much less made the major storyline — during Farrah’s original “16 and Pregnant” episode or addressed during her first season of “Teen Mom.” In fact, “16” only aired a few phone calls between the on-off couple, in which Farrah told him to stop harassing her and eventually changed her number so he couldn’t contact her again. “I made it clear to the producers that my parents weren’t okay with Derek being part of my story,” she says in the book.

“I lied to everyone and said that I wasn’t going,” Farrah writes about his visitation, “so the cameras wouldn’t follow me to film and my parents wouldn’t try to talk me out of it.”

3. Farrah never told Derek she was pregnant with his child. While complaining that “Derek had never stepped up to take on the role of father,” she admits that not only did she not tell him, she lied when he asked her about it. Underwood seemed to be aware of her pregnancy — after all, MTV cameras were trailing her and she attended high school until the beginning of her third trimester — but she never confirmed that he was the father.

4. Farrah’s parents are divorced. This isn’t exactly a secret, but Michael and Debra’s real relationship was definitely distorted for the MTV cameras. On “Teen Mom,” they are shown traveling together, sharing a hotel room and joining Farrah and their granddaughter on numerous family outings. In fact, Farrah says in her book that they frequently lived apart throughout their marriage.

5. Farrah made the assistant vice principal break up with Derek’s girlfriend for him. This is one of the book’s silliest anecdotes but is so perfectly Farrah that we had to include it here. “I told the assistant principal that Derek and I wanted to date again but that we were worried that his (soon-to-be-ex) girlfriend would cause trouble for us at school,” she writes. Shockingly the administrator summoned the girl to his office, and “from then on she left us alone,” recounts Farrah. And she wonders why she doesn’t have any friends?

Love Farrah, hate her, or love to hate her, “My Teenage Dream Ended” is a must-read for every self-respecting “Teen Mom” fan.

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