Annehathaw_cohen_9163618_600_1The big question at Thursday night’s LA premiere of "The Devil Wears Prada” was “Where’s Meryl Streep?"

Turns out the Oscar-winning actress – who plays the film’s formidable fashion editor – was at home celebrating her 57th birthday.

That made her "Devil" co-stars Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci the biggest celebs at the 12th annual Los Angeles Film Festival’s opening night in Westwood.

Except for Adrian Grenier, who plays Hathaway’s boyfriend in the film. If you’ve been keeping up with the ratings for HBO’s "Entourage," Grenier may be the hottest actor in Hollywood. This week.

And there was also a brief but thrilling Nicole Richie moment. Wearing a demure white lace high-necked mini dress, Richie posed for the photographers but then turned and ran down the red carpet to avoid nosy reporters who wanted to ask who designed her dress. She trotted so fast on her peep toe black Jimmy Choos that she dropped her T-Mobile Sidekick in the process. No worries, her faithful assistant picked it up for her.

Nicolerich_cohen_9164533_600_1Since “Devil” is the story of an intern at a fash rag working for a spot-on facsimile of real-life “Vogue" editor Anna “Nuclear” Winter, the flap was mostly about, duh, fashion.

Grenier wore a dark Gucci suit, explaining, “I’m in pre-school when it comes to having fashion sense. I can’t even pronounce designer’s names.” Repeat after me, Goo-Chee.

Tucci was in his fave designer – Hugo Boss – and credited “Devil’ costumer Patricia Fields for helping him “find” his magazine art director character through the clothes she put him in. As you might imagine, it would be very hard to act like a fashion fop if you aren’t dressed like one.

The very sweet Hathaway – who plays the very sweet intern – was hard to miss in a taxi cab yellow Prada bubble dress, talking about how the film “increased my appreciation for fashion as a business.”  Oh dear. Someone needs to go to Sound Bite 101.

Even Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa looked pretty slick in a dark suit with a shiny peach tie. I tried to find out who designed it, but Mr. V said he had “no idea." Yeah, right. Frankly, I think he did know but didn’t want to seem too, you know, metro.

The fest’s honorary co-chair Allison Janney wore a short sparkly black Heike Jarick dress that she bought five years ago at Jennifer Nicholson‘s shop on Montana. And I was very  impressed that Janney’s publicist, Karen Samfilippo, was wearing cool Prada shoes and even carrying a Prada purse. She fessed up, “The bag was a gift and the shoes were on sale.” Well, I’m still impressed.

“Desperate Housewives”  Andrea Bowen admitted that while she enjoys getting designers clothes to wear for big events, “You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good.” She really loves Urban Outfitters. Me too. No, really. I bought my 2006 Oscar dress there. Scoff if you will, but it was on sale for $129 and no one laughed at me. Or if they did, I didn’t hear them.

Oh, before I forget, Film Independent’s exec director Dawn Hudson looked pretty hot in a black halter top and slacks.

But all Hudson wanted to talk about was the popularity and growth of the darn festival. And she was all hopped up about Saturday’s big Green Day activities starting with a 12:45 p.m. screening of “Who Killed the Electric Car” at the Landmark Regent and ending with a free screening of of “An Inconvenient Truth,” former Vice President Al Gore‘s environmental film, at 8 p.m. at the California Plaza downtown. And of course, Al will be there.

Jeez, like the environment is more important than fashion.
Photo Credits: Anne Hathaway celebrates with her "Devil" boyfriend, Adrian Grenier at the LAFF opening night.
WireImage/Lester Cohen

Photo Credits. Nicole Richie, doing what she does best, posing at the LAFF opening night premiere of "The Devil Wears Prada."

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