kelly osbourne tattoo removal gi 'Fashion Police' star Kelly Osbourne shares video of tattoo removalKelly Osbourne, host of E!’s “Fashion Police” and Lady Gaga‘s former arch nemesis, is on a mission to remove most of her extensive tattoo collection. And she’s giving her fans a peek inside the process.

Osbourne has been saying for a few years now she will have many of her 15 tattoos removed, as she realized the ones without special meaning were just a rebellious mistake. But now, as her wedding to vegan celebrity chef Matthew Mosshart looms, she’s finally taking the painful plunge.
The heavily-inked beauty tweeted ahead of her first procedure, “Not looking forward to this afternoon… I’m getting my first tattoo removal! Its going to burn like the snap of 1000 rubber bands.”
Along with the remarkable video of the black ink from the keyboard on her forearm being zapped away, Kelly writes, “I did the crime I am now doing the time! #NoPainNoGain!” 
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