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Before we get to the finalists, can we have a moment of silence for Iman’s departure from our weekly airwaves. She definitely brought that show to a whole new level. To Iman, we dedicate the “ultimate” in “The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection.”
Now, the finalists:
Calvin: While the general viewing audience seemed to really want him out and even Iman has said that she was over him, Calvin out-b***hed the competition and narrowly survived several eliminations. But, this is a television show. And no matter how you swing it, Calvin gives good TV. Would we want him designing anything for us? No. We’d rather not pay someone to insult us. In the end, though, he consistently delivers well-made clothing and it’s always a surprise how he includes functionality into his designs. Plus, he gave us the phrase, “Here go hell come.” And for that, we are eternally grateful.
Dominique: As the one of the youngest and least experienced of the contestants, she worried us in the beginning. But as the competition progressed, she tempered her just-out-of-fashion-school taste and managed to make homemade crafts wearable. When she started romancing the only presumably straight guy in the competition (which, to us, is akin to hitting on the deejay at the club — desperate), we worried she’d lose her focus. Instead, she started creating the best stuff of the competition. And when David got booted, she shed a few tears and got back to work. Thatta girl!
Jeffrey: He was a frontrunner from the beginning. While his personal style was a mix of Prince and the old woman sitting on her porch drinking sweet tea in a muumuu, his designs were surprisingly sophisticated. He was traded between the Nami and Emerald teams, but persevered when faced with adversity (cough, Calvin). When he was outed as a virgin, we felt so bad for him and then we thought, “maybe the muumuus aren’t working for you?”

Diva singer Mary J. Blige guest-judges in “The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection” finale airing Tuesday, Jan. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.
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