sarah-parrott-HM.jpgFor week 2, the “Fashion Star” winning looks are once again running quite a gamut in terms of price, depending on the retailer.

H&M chose designer Sarah Parrott for the second week in a row, though this week she was the only one chosen by the retailer. Her chosen design was a pair of wide-legged pants, in both blue and white, with a black stripe running down the outside of each leg. It is retailing for $19.95, though the site says they are sold out already. Hopefully they get more in this week.

Macy’s went with designers Nzimiro Oputa (who was chosen by H&M in week one) and Lisa Vian Hunter (who is a first-time seller). Oputa’s contrast-trim Western shirt is retailing for $70.00 and Hunter’s empire-waist dress is going for $99.00.

Saks Fifth Avenue once again only chose one designer – this week it was first-time seller Kara Laricks and her plaid shift dress, which is going for $325. The site also says last week’s design, Orly Shani’s zip-shell mini skirt, is sold out. Frankly, $350 seemed a little steep for the skirt, so congratulations to Orly on selling out.

Will you be purchasing any of the items from week 2? We definitely like Sarah Parrott’s pants, so hopefully they aren’t sold out for good.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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