fashion star premiere 'Fashion Star' premiere: Are you looking to purchase any of the designs?“Fashion Star” debuted Tuesday night (March 13) on NBC. The way the show works is each designer puts forth three looks that revolve around the same pieces and if they make a sale, they’re safe. If they don’t, they’re in danger. The celebrity mentors can save one designer who doesn’t make a sale, then the buyers send one person home.

Here are the highlights from the showcase:

  • Orly makes these skirts with cool zip-on shells and Saks makes an $80,000 offer, which trumps Macy’s $50,000 offer.
  • Edmond has some froofy party dresses that Macy’s buys, but we were in agreement with the mentors – only the black and white one did it for us.
  • Nikki’s resort wear we find kind of fugly, honestly – but Macy’s snatches it up.
  • Oscar doesn’t get any offers for his dresses, which are cute, but nothing special. He’s also relying a little too much on his sad story. We get it, it’s sad. But reality TV has made us really jaded to the sob stories. You’re going to have to “Queen-for-a-Day”-it better than that to get any sympathy out of us anymore.
  • Barbara’s skirt/top sets have these weird, ugly pockets on them that make us instantly dislike them. And the buyers agree.
  • Nicholas’ motorcycle jackets are nothing special, plus his models are terrible, they clomp around like they just learned how to walk. And why is one of them wearing shorts? Is he the Village Person model? Nicholas appropriately does not get any offers from the buyers.
  • Nicholas also gets super snotty with the female mentors. Hopefully he goes home. No need to be rude, dude.
  • Ross puts forth these very chic blouses and wide-legged pants that we love.
  • Sarah has some dresses that look cute on the super skinny models, but look like they are not going to flatter anyone over 98 lbs.
  • The mentors feel just the opposite of us on Ross vs. Sarah and the buyers agree. No offers for Ross, but an offer from H&M for Sarah.
  • Weirdly, Lizzie, Luciana, Ronnie and Lisa are shown in a montage, instead of letting us see their actual shows. That’s rather disappointing. Lizzie is the only one who gets a buyer.
  • Kara does some cool man-ly womenswear that looks right up H&M’s alley, but then it turns out it’s only the accessories that she designed! WTF? We agree with Nicole Richie, she should’ve put out her own clothes. And then yeah, no offers for her.
  • Nzimiro puts forth some sportcoats that are just OK for us, plus he’s got more of the super-awkward male models. Who taught these dude how to walk? But he gets an offer from H&M.

So in the end, eight designers are in danger of going home. The buyers bottom 3 are Nicholas, Kara and Oscar. The mentors save Oscar, and the buyers send Nicholas home. That’s good, he was a punk. Kara deserves another chance.

What did you think of the new fashion reality show? And if you’re interested in any of tonight’s fashions, check out:, and Are there any you are going to check out?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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