fashion star sale ep1 'Fashion Star': The winning looks retail for $19.95 to $350“Fashion Star” debuted Tuesday night (March 13) on NBC, a creative new fashion-based reality show where the designs chosen by buyers on each episode are available immediately for purchase on the buyers’ websites.

During the first episode, Macy’s (pictured above) purchased Lizzie Parker’s asymmetrical tunic in three colors, Nikki Poulos’ resort wear caftans and Edmond Newton’s black party and white party dress. The fashions are available for $79.00 for the tunic, $89.00 for the caftan and $110 for the dress.

Moving on to Saks Fifth Avenue, Orly Shani was the only designer Saks purchased from. The Saks buyer offered $80,000 for her mini-skirts that come with zippered, detachable shells that can be changed. It is for sale, though it’s only offering one shell, not the multiple looks we saw on the show, and it’s retailing for $350. We wonder how successful that one will be.

Finally, H&M purchased dresses from Sarah Parrott and blazers from Nzimiro Oputa. The dresses are available for $19.95 each, while the blazers are retailing for $49.95.

We would also just like to offer some constructive criticism about the sites. Macy’s wins hands down. Their page is where they said it would be on the show ( and the interface is eye-catching and easy to use.

Saks’ page is also where they said it would be (, but the interface is rather blah and not nearly as user-friendly as Macy’s.

H&M’s page is NOT where they said it would be – we had to hunt around for it, so that’s going to hurt them right there. Their website is, which is not a complicated URL, but it’s not what they announced on the show. Once there, the site is a little blah. Macy’s site definitely is the most inviting.

What do you think, “Fashion Star” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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