“Jerry Maguire” star Jonathan Lipnicki is all grown up, and he’s celebrating Father’s Day in a new Screen Junkies video. In the montage, he remembersr the movie that made him famous quite a bit differently than you probably do.
While the 1996 film is a romantic comedy to most — a love story between Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger’s characters — for Lipnicki it’s a study in what dads should not do. “Thank you Jerry Macguire for everything you did for me,” he says. “From drunkenly brooding on my mom’s couch, having a nervous breakdown, to dropping completely unnecessary F-bombs when I wanted to go to the zoo.”
Of course, Lipnicki also sets some time aside to talk about just how cute he was as a kid. “How could one child be so ludicrously, almost illegally adorable?” he wonders. “I mean, women would ovulate just from looking at me.”
As far as Cruise’s fathering techniques in the movie, Lipnicki holds no ill will against his on-screen dad. “Happy Father’s Day, Jerry” he says. “You kind of lost me at kwan, but you had me at hello.”
Now Lipnicki needs to share what he thought of Pacey (Joshua Jackson) as a mentor on “Dawson’s Creek.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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