fans, I feel your pain. A two-week hiatus in the show? Wasn’t the mid-season starting date supposed to spackle these gaps? Oh well, we can’t control how ABC chooses to air its episodes, but what we can do is control how we spend the following fortnight. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of ways to make the time fly by quickly.

How to do that? Easy. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a big, “LaFleur”-centric edition of “Letters from The Flame.” This Wednesday night, I’ll be hosting a LIVE chat alongside Lost blogger/pop culture expert extraordinaire Jopinionated to help you through a Wednesday night sans new Lost material. And after that…well, I have a special 5-part series planned. Don’t wanna give anything away, but trust me, you’re not gonna see anything like this on any other Lost site. Trust me on this.

But for today, I’ve got the first way to help you get through this unfortunate hiatus: a guide to episodes you should rewatch in lieu of recent events in the Lost universe. I did something similar a few weeks back, and people seemed to appreciate it. But with the ridiculous amounts of new info downloaded into our confused brains over the past two weeks, a whole new host of episodes suddenly looked extremely important as primers to understand the current world of the show.

I’ve selected one episode from each season, including the current one, that you should rewatch in order to get the most out of the show as it stands right now. I’ve also conveniently linked to each episode’s page in our ever-evolving We Have to Go Back gallery.

Season 1, White Rabbit

Watch Jack struggle with his place of leadership on the Island, then contrast it with his almost overjoyed look at waking up in “316.” Observe Locke’s first conversation with Jack about the Island’s magic, and contrast it with…well, every conversation since. And finally, check out the start of one of the show’s epic interpersonal battles: Jack versus Christian.

Season 2, The Hunting Party

Not the strongest episode the show ever aired, but it contains a seminal scene all the more important after the events of “LaFleur”: the confrontation between Jack/Locke/Sawyer and Tom Friendly inside the circle of fire. How does this “truce” compared with the one struck between Alpert and the Dharma Initiative?

Season 3, Left Behind

With Sawyer in full hero mode these days, it’s worth it to go back to the place where it all starts. While the episode itself focuses primarily on the tense relationship between Juliet and Kate, it also features a B-story in which Hurley cons Sawyer into acting nicer towards the rest of the survivors. I contend this episode is a major, major turning point for Sawyer’s character. And for that, we have Hurley to thank.

Season 4, Something Nice Back Home

A lot of you are worried about the impending return of the Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet love quadrangle. I wouldn’t worry too much. There might be a little tension on the horizon, but the relationships are set. Why? Watch this episode and see Juliet end any discussion with her acknowledging Kate’s place is with Jack. I’m not saying these relationships won’t get tested; I just wouldn’t expect them to change.

Season 5, Jughead

Remember how much we loved Faraday springing into action in this episode in the name of Charlotte? Well, he’s a far, far different man now. I’m worried about the man. If you want an antecedent for his impending slide to the dark side, I’d watch Wesley Wyndam-Pryce’s slide during in Season 3 of Angel. Why did we barely see him in “LaFleur”? And why is he staring so damn intently at the walls in the deep recesses of the Orchid? I’m foreseeing an event that rhymes with “bincident” with his fingerprints all over it, as scientist turns to nihilist.

What other episodes do you think we should watch in the interim, and why? Leave your suggestions below!

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