Still reeling from last night's episode? I hear ya, Lost fans. There was a lot to chew on. Revelations aplenty, tons of emotional payoff, and naturally, a host of brand new questions we now have to ask ourselves.

So I want to know your burning questions at this early juncture of Season 5. But I also want to know the way in which you want them answered. There are four options, as I see it:

  1. In a typical "Letters from the Flame" Q&A entry
  2. On the weekly podcast
  3. During a live chat, akin to the ones I've been hosting recently
  4. Via semaphore

I suppose the last one's not going to do anyone much good, unless they happen to actually live on my street. And don't worry: this isn't some all or nothing proposition. I won't hijack all the answers for the podcast in the hopes I ascend to the heights of iTunes popularity. So I guess I'm mostly curious: would you be interested in a specifically timed, pre-announced window during which I would host a chat Q&A? Normally I'd opt for a Sunday night, but with it being the Super Bowl this weekend, I might have to look into another time in this case.

In any case, leave your questions (preceded by either "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!" or "Bloop!") below, in addition to your thoughts on the live Q&A.

Coming up next week, I'll be looking at the history of Others leadership in addition to answering your questions. Should be a good week.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee