felicia day veronica fallout 500 Felicia Day needs Halloween costume ideas or pneumatic gloveFelicia Day is a fangirl, frequent Comic-Con goer, gamer and former star of the much beloved “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” Surely, she has a kickass Halloween costume planned out, right?

“I actually have no plans,” she tells the press Monday (Oct.25) while discussing her upcoming Syfy original movie “Red: Werewolf Hunter.” “I specialize in the complaining about having no costume at the last minute even though I should have planned ahead.”

Day, 31, certainly knows herself well. The following Halloween-themed gripe appears on her Twitter account: “Does it make me a total weirdo that I’m incapable of buying a Halloween costume? It’s crazy arts and crafts creation or no costume at all.”

Apparently, Twitter is where much of her Halloween ruminations and conversations occur.

“Someone on Twitter this morning actually gave me a really good idea for a costume,” she reveals. “They suggested I dress as my ‘Fallout’ character Veronica the scribe. I thought that would be kind of fun. If I can get a pneumatic glove built before Sunday I’ll be there.”

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen