Felicity Aston.jpgSports are all over the news today and we’ve got a record to tell you about. British skier Felicity Aston became the first woman to ski alone across Antarctica on Monday, past the South Pole and onward to the coastal ice shelf for 59 days in near-total solitude. Wow! We’re freezing just thinking about it!

According to Sports Illustrated, Aston not only crossed 1,084 miles (1,744 kilometers) from Leverett Glacier to the Hercules Inlet, but she arrived ahead of schedule. She said the most surprising thing about her journey was how emotional it was. “I’m not a particularly weepy person, and yet anyone who has been
following my tweets can see me bursting into tears,” she said in an
interview with The Associated Press.

“When I saw the coastal mountains that marked my end point for the first
time, I literally just stopped in my tracks and bawled my eyes out,”
she added. “All these days I thought there was no chance I was going to
make it in time to make that last flight off Antarctica, and yet here I
am with three days to spare.”

“The plane is on its way so these are my last moments alone in
Antarctica. I feel both excited and extremely sad,” she tweeted at the
end of her journey on January 23rd. She began on November 25th.

Aston also set another record: the first human to ski solo, across
Antarctica, using only her own muscles. (A team had done it earlier.) During the trip, her two butane lighters failed. “Suddenly I realized that without a lighter working, I can’t light my
stove,” she said. “I can’t melt snow to make water, and I won’t have any water to
drink, and that becomes a very serious problem It’s quite
stressful. It was just a matter of every single day, looking at my kit,
and thinking what could go wrong here and what can I do to prevent it?” She had a box of safety matches that she counted over and over until her butane lighters began working at a lower altitude.

Check out her Twitter feed for a play-by-play of her journey. Congratulations Felicity! You are amazing! Now go home and get warm!

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