fergie pregnant rumors safe haven premiere gi Fergie rumors untrue: Josh Duhamel denies wife's pregnancy

Poor Fergie Ferg. Everyone thinks she’s pregnant just because she added a few pounds to her waistline. Look people, the woman is nearing her 40th year on the planet. She can’t be expected to have washboard abs forever, right?
The rumors Fergie, AKA Stacy Ferguson, is pregnant came to a head when she walked the red carpet at the premiere of husband Josh Duhamel‘s new film, “Safe Haven.” 
Her little black Gucci skiff dress is maybe not the most flattering to her physique, and that’s perhaps what prompts E! News‘ Jason Kennedy to ask Duhamel the question on everyone’s minds: Is there any baby news? 
Duhamel answers with a pointed, “No.” So, there you have it folks — no baby news. 
Kennedy reminds Duhamel, “You said it’s gonna be your greatest career achievement, so we’re waiting.” Josh quickly corrects Jason, saying having a baby with Fergie would be his “greatest life achievement.” Aw, isn’t that precious?
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