festivus tv grievances Festivus tidings: Airing some TV grievances about 'Community,' 'Mad Men' and moreDec. 23 is a holy day for TV nerds like us, for it is the day we celebrate Festivus.

The made-up holiday entered our consciousness thanks to “Seinfeld” writer Daniel O’Keefe, who based a December 1997 episode he wrote on experiences he had growing up. (You can go here to watch a collection of clips from the episode.) The ceiling in the Zap2it office is too low for a properly majestic aluminum pole, and liability concerns led us to scrap the feats of strength.

But we can still air some grievances. We covered some of our gripes with the current TV landscape in our “We’re over it” gallery last week, but we’d like to expand on a couple of those and talk about some of the other ways TV has disappointed us this year.

You’ve heard us and many others complain about the indefinite benching of “Community” and “Cougar Town.” But what’s most disappointing, NBC and ABC scheduling and PR teams, is that at least a little of the outrage could have been avoided. We still would have been upset not to see those shows on your respective midseason schedules, but we would have gotten about 10 to 15 percent less worked up had you simply included a line like, “These shows will return in the spring.” Would that have really been so hard?

While we’re at it, ABC, “Work It”? Seriously? (Consider this a pre-aired grievance for 2012.)

AMC, first let us start by saying thank you for a season of “Breaking Bad” so good that it pretty well makes up for the non-ending of “The Killing.” But we’re still a little peeved that your drawn-out negotiations over the future of “Mad Men” meant a full year without new episodes of the series. And by the way, how’s about cluing us in on a premiere date?

The “We’re over it” gallery pretty well covered our loathing of two-hour reality shows, but we’d like to mention it just again. For a premiere or a finale? Sure. Every week? No, no and no.

We understand, Showtime, that you may have felt “United States of Tara” had run its course after three seasons, and we know its ratings were not very good. But that third season was so fantastic, and Toni Collette so great in it, that we really wish you could have found a way to make even an abbreviated fourth season work.

Finally, The CW, we haven’t entirely forgiven you for “H8R.” Sure, we had some laughs making fun of it, and we applaud the TV-watching public for realizing it wasn’t worth their time. But the three episodes you aired were three too many.

What TV-based grievances do you have this Festivus?

Posted by:Rick Porter