Ladies — prepare yourselves. Jamie Dornan has officially joined Instagram. He’s only posted his introduction photo so far but the impending possibility of hunky goodness already put our minds into overdrive. If Hollywood’s soon-to-be sexiest leading man is going to start taking pictures of his daily life here is a list of the things we want to see our Instagram stream. 

An ALS ice bucket challenge (shirtless)
Celebrities have been showing their support for the viral ALS ice bucket challenge in droves. Obviously Jamie should jump on the charity promotion train and show his support for a good cause. Of course, there’s no reason to ruin perfectly good shirts with ice water (If you dry it wrong, it could shrink!). So we humbly (desperately) recommend Jamie not take the chance and dump that cold water shirtless. That will definitely encourage some donations. 
Inside Christian Grey’s playroom 
Production may have finished for 2015’s most anticipated erotic thriller — but we know that Jamie has to have some pictures of Christian’s infamous playroom. That teaser trailer was not nearly enough and what better than a photo tour from the playroom master himself? Come on, Dornan, show us those riding crops. 
Selfies with the ‘Once Upon a Time’ cast
We still miss Graham. We know you still miss Graham. The “Once Upon a Time” cast still misses Graham. They also claim to still be good friends with our dearly departed Huntsman. So how do we heal our broken hearts? Instagram pictures with the cast hanging out! Jamie and Josh Dallas bro’ing out? Yes. Maybe a playful facing off with Colin O’Donoghue? Sign us up! A cute loved up picture of Jamie and Jennifer Morrison together to bring our Graham/Emma ship up from the bottom of the ocean? Just let us have it! 
Pictures with adorable animals
It’s an Instagram trope we fully stand behind. The only thing that make beautiful men look even more beautiful is when they are cuddling with cute animals. So let’s get this man a fuzzy puppy or a couple of cute kittens and let the fan girl hearts straight up melt. 
Pictures with babies 
Just kidding, the other one thing to make a beautiful man even more beautiful is babies. Mr. Dornan has been very close lipped about his personal life since his stint on “Once Upon a Time” and the announcement that he’ll be Christian Grey. He’s never released the name of his newborn daughter with singer-songwriter wife Amelia Warner. However, with all due respect to Jamie’s privacy, we would not turn away if he sneaked in a couple pictures of him holding an adorable infant. 
Posted by:Megan Vick