roger ebert hospitalized fractured hip gi Film critic Roger Ebert hospitalized with a broken hip

Roger Ebert, the famous film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, has been hospitalized to receive treatment for a fractured hip. The specifics of this injury have not been released, but Ebert’s wife, Chaz, posted jokingly (probably) on Twitter that the break was the result of “tricky dance moves.”

Ebert went to the hospitalized on Thursday (Dec. 6), but both the critic and his wife were happily tweeting within hours. Chaz Ebert posted to Twitter first:

“Roger in hospital with hip fracture (tricky disco dance moves) but he is doing well, asking for computer, will probably tweet.”

Roger Ebert confirmed this report a few hours later:

“Yes, fracture. But no surgery needed. Details follow. :)”

Considering that the critic posted a link to a new review after that, it’s safe to say that Ebert is already improving.

Ebert, a Pulitzer Prize-winner, has a recent history of serious health problems. Cancer of the thyroid and salivary glands has taken away the 70-year-old’s ability to eat and speak. His movie reviews, however, have continued unabated throughout it all.

Posted by:Laurel Brown