Matthewperry2_studio60_240The final ratings for Monday didn’t change much from the fast national numbers, which means a good news-bad news scenario for NBC.

The good: People still like Deal or No Deal, and the Matthew Perry-starring Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip did pretty well in the demographic NBC cares about most, adults 18-49. In the demo, Studio 60 did as well as anything (Olympics excluded) in that time period since last year at this time.

The bad: Studio 60 lost a lot of viewers in its second half-hour (going from 14.57 million before 10:30 to 12.2 million after) and got beat pretty soundly by CBS’ CSI: Miami, which had a significantly smaller lead-in.

Some selected numbers from the night:

  • CSI: Miami: 17.6 million viewers, 5.8 rating in adults 18-49
  • Deal or No Deal: 15.8 million, 5.0
  • Studio 60: 13.4 million, 5.0. NBC also says it tied CSI:M for the lead among adults 18-34.
  • The Class and How I Met Your Mother: 10.48 million apiece, 3.6 and 3.8 in 18-49.
  • Monday Night Football: Despite a dog of a game (Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh 9-0), MNF set a second straight all-time record for ESPN with 13.3 million viewers.
Posted by:Rick Porter