Patrickdempsey_greysanatomy_240All right, that’s two years in a row now.

Two years in a row that the tail end of a Grey’s Anatomy season finale has stuck in my craw, putting me off what was mostly a solid episode. Two years in a row that, if I return to thinking about it, I’m gonna go, "Come on, for real?"

Last year it was Izzie’s operatic meltdown that bugged me. This year’s moment was smaller, and was even called by a commenter last week. But nonetheless:

(And yeah, if you’re planning to watch later, go away now.)

Dude. The woman Derek was flirting with is Meredith’s sister?

I suppose you could argue it’s a sign of Derek’s growth over the past couple of years that he didn’t sleep with Lexie (say hello to Chyler Leigh, folks), only to find out that she’s one of his interns — which she is. Even if she had just been one of the new interns, and not related to Meredith, I think I could have handled that. But both? Uncle.

It bothers me that this is what I’m going to remember, because there’s other, better stuff I’d like to take away from the episode. Like George being at sea after failing his exam, and the well-composed and -edited scenes of the Chief (who’s still the Chief, thanks to Derek turning him down) breaking the news to the various attendings, and Addison schooling Karev to take a chance when he has it.

I did think, though, that he did the stand-up thing the first time around, refusing to be the other man in Rebecca/Ava’s life, considering there’s a baby involved as well. And I will miss Elizabeth Reaser, who has done some really fine work in her extended guest stint. Her "Do I need to spell it out?" moment with Karev was fantastic.

Trknight3_greysanatomy_240The idea of George being at loose ends professionally as well as personally is an interesting one, mostly because T.R. Knight plays confusion quite well. But is the guy just a bad test-taker, or what? We haven’t seen any real evidence — not for some time, anyway — that he’s anything but a very solid surgeon-in-training, so what gives?

As for the wedding, no surprise, really, that it didn’t happen. Burke comes off as the bad guy, I guess, but it’s hard for me to hate a guy whose only real crime here was maybe wanting something to be the way that a big part of him knew it just wasn’t. And Sandra Oh played the heck out of the scene when she realizes Burke is gone.

I was even kind of glad Izzie ‘fessed up to her feelings for George. At least it was honest. And the Chief gave Addison one last reason to go to her spinoff with his advice that "If you need a job to have a life, then you need a new job or a new life."

So with the possible exception of the Chief, who’s staying put, just about everyone on Grey’s Anatomy heads into next season with problems (this viewer included, thanks to Meredith’s sister). But I guess if everyone were happy, that wouldn’t be Grey’s, would it?

What did you think of the season finale? Satisfying, frustrating, both?

Posted by:Rick Porter